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 Kerio Control 9.3.5 build 4367 [Installer+Upgrade] [i386, amd64] [2020, Multi/Ru]

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    9.3.5 build 4367
    Kerio Control
    Русский,| Английский,| Мультиязычный.
    Не требуется ( инсталлятор уже пролечен)
    i386, amd64

    500 MHz
    2 GB
    8 GB HDD выделенного места для ОС, продукта, логов, данных статистики
    2 Ethernet адаптера (10/100/1000 Mbit)
    Kerio Control Appliance - основан на ядре Linux 3.16, для нормальной работы необходимо использовать оборудование, поддерживаемое данным ядром-

    Kerio Control — это комплексное решение в области безопасности, объединяющее несколько функций нового поколения — в том числе межсетевой экран (файервол) и маршрутизатор, систему обнаружения и предотвращения вторжений (IPS), антивирус, VPN, фильтр веб-содержимого и фильтрацию приложений.

    Процедура лечения:

    1. В правом нижнем углу кликнуть на значок копирайта "(с)" перед Kerio Technologies s.r.o
    2. Выбрать нужные опции и кликнуть "Сохранить".

    История релизов:

    Что нового в Kerio Control [GFI Software]
    Содержимое будет перенесено на 1 мая 2019 года.

    Изменения предыдущих версий.

    Kerio Control Release History
    (previously Kerio WinRoute Firewall)
    + Added feature
    * Improved/changed feature
    - Bug fixed
    ! Known issue / missing feature
    Version 9.2.9
    * Swap support
    - Fixed: Kerio VPN - Disabled insecure and vulnerable protocol Blowfish
    - Fixed: Optimized Snort priority for improved traffic bandwidth
    - Fixed: Changed affinity for snort process for improved traffic bandwidth
    - Fixed: HW NG500 crash
    - Older Kerio VPN Clients are not able to connect using this build. To allow please follow the following steps.
    - Open ssh connection or from console
    - Go to /opt/kerio/winroute folder
    - Run ./tinydbclient "Update VPN set AllowBlowfishCipher=1"
    Version 9.2.8
    * Limit Bandwidth Per Host
    * Optimize Application Awareness memory footprint
    * Reconfigure Kerio AV to optimize memory usage
    * Kerio VPN new encryption protocol AES
    * Kerio VPN Client supports the new protocol
    * Force hostname for VPN clients
    - Fixed: Accessing User and Groups crashes WebAdmin on IE11
    - Fixed: User Statistics not getting updated
    - Fixed: Installation of VPN Client fails on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit Desktop version
    - Fixed: No traffic over VPN after enabling 2FA on iPhone running iOS 11.4.1
    - Fixed: Kerio VPN 2-Step Verification Unable to resolve hostname
    - Fixed: Filtering Web Content by word occurrence returns broken HTML
    - Fixed: User details not getting updated in Active hosts
    Version 9.2.7
    * 2-Step verification UI improvements
    * DHCP leases column added in DHCP
    * DST notification added to time zone settings page
    * IPv6 anti-spoofing functionality added
    * Linux VPN client now supports systemd
    * Unify approach to entering URL in rules
    * Upgraded Firefox install CA walkthrough screenshots
    - Fixed: Categories are not getting merged one when testing the miscategorized URLs in the Content filter
    - Fixed: Changing description for multiple users changes only those who have separate configuration
    - Fixed: Crash with error handling during domain joining/leaving
    - Fixed: Disable view user statistic when multiple users are selected
    - Fixed: Entries with multiple members in Service list not getting searched
    - Fixed: HTTP Cache dump should work without selected cache any message type
    - Fixed: Interface group ordering disabled
    - Fixed: IPSec connection is dropped every 3 hours
    - Fixed: IPsec: Some fields are cleared when Cipher configuration dialog is closed
    - Fixed: P2P suspicious connection detection
    - Fixed: Prevent consuming license usage when there is spoofing IPv6 connection
    - Fixed: Show details while joining AD fails because of time skew
    - Fixed: Technical support button on dashboard redirects to GFI support now
    - Fixed: Tunnel reset when cipher config dialog is closed
    - Fixed: User right column sort by rendered value
    - Fixed: SafeSearch blocking Google Cloud Messaging
    Version 9.2.6
    * Added support for Encrypting personal/sensitive data stored on the disk
    - Fixed: Crash in some occasions due to empty HTTP header name
    Version 9.2.5 patch5
    - Fixed: 2 Step Verification for user does not show QR Code
    Version 9.2.5 patch4
    - Fixed: Crash when multiple pages denied occur while first deny is delayed
    - Fixed: Crash when internal page requests using same "lang" parameter
    - Fixed: UPnP not listening on all interfaces
    Version 9.2.5 patch3
    - Fixed: Crash when SNAT missing target interface
    Version 9.2.5 patch2
    - Fixed: NTLM Authentication issue
    - Fixed: 2 Step Authentication issue
    - Fixed: Recompilation of WIFI driver with different flags for more compatibility
    Version 9.2.5 patch1
    - Fixed: Crash every hour when sending email for invalid user after antivirus scanning
    Version 9.2.5
    * Removal of PHP server-side scripting from Web Interface
    * Upgrade of strongSwan 5.5.1
    * Improved starting/stopping of VPN Client on Debian 8
    * VPN Client now supports macOS High Sierra
    - Fixed: Translation issues
    - Fixed: User preferences automatic language set to detected language
    - Fixed: Installation of VPN Client fails on Windows 7, 8
    - Fixed: The WiFi driver has been updated for better compatibility and stability
    - Fixed: Dashboard Traffic Chart Tile does not show relevant units
    - Fixed: Changing description for multiple users changes only those who have separate configuration
    - Fixed: Empty exclusions for connection limit corrupts config
    - Fixed: View Guest users in Kerio Control Statistics opens stats of "Not logged in" user
    - Fixed: WebAdmin error during configuration import
    - Fixed: Install CA screenshots are from old FireFox
    - Fixed: Menu bar icon not optimized for Mac with retina
    - Fixed: Remote Services: Data are not reloaded when changes are discarded on screen reload
    - Fixed: Bandwidth management traffic dialog: wrong info text
    - Fixed: Crash in ThreadCpuTime, when gdata.start_error = 1
    - Fixed: assert in DhcpLeaseTab::save()
    - Fixed: W10 Edge cannot login and access web interface if IPv6 is enabled
    - Fixed: missing limiter of AV check failed alert
    - Fixed: Russian Business Network blacklist is missing in IPS update
    - Fixed: Remove unsecure DES-CBC3-SHA from cipherlist
    - Fixed: Wi-Fi should be WiFi (legal requirement)
    - Fixed: Kerio VPN tunnels are using local networks defined in IPsec section (as Remote networks)
    - Fixed: Exported cfg. backup is corrupted
    - Fixed: Sending notifications from Kerio Control - InCorrect Format of notification
    - Fixed: On Groups page, "Rights" column is not sorted in correct order
    Version 9.2.4
    - Fixed: Updated hostapd for Enhanced WIFI security
    Version 9.2.3
    * OpenSSL upgraded from 1.0.1u to 1.0.2j
    * Updated country list used in SSL Certificate definition
    - Fixed: CPU lock due to winroute loop
    Version 9.2.2
    * Sophos Anti-Virus replaced with Kerio Antivirus which is based on the Bitdefender antivirus engine
    - Fixed: Stability issue, Kerio Control was unresponsive
    - Fixed: was displayed instead of IP address of IPSec VPN client
    - Fixed: HTTP cache could not be eraseed
    - Fixed: Application detection didn't work with HTTP Header "Content-Type"
    - Fixed: Invalid certificate was created by HTTPS filtering
    Version 9.2.1
    + Geoip filtering - added possibility to block incoming connection based on country of origin
    * Significant performance improvements
    * x86-64 architecture - 64-bit CPU is now supported
    * IPsec VPN tunnel ciphers can be configured in administration
    * Login guessing protection is now enabled by default
    * Changed closed/reset connection timeout
    - backup option removed
    - Fixed: VPN client prompts user to accept valid certificate
    - Fixed: VPN client DNS issues when 2-Step verification was enabled but not performed
    Version 9.2.0
    - version relased with Kerio HW only


    1. Вопрос: После активации лицензии, Веб фильтр все равно не работает, что делать?
    2. Вопрос: После запуска торрент клиента, Kerio Control начинает дико лагать, что делать?



    Z390 AORUS PRO / Core i5-9600K / 16GB (4х4GB) Crucial Ballistix Sport / Radeon RX 580 8GB 256bit GDDR5 / HP SSD EX900 M.2 PCIe 250GB / HDD 5TB (5x1TB) Seagate / LG - 24 IPS 24MP59G-P Gaming / Case AeroCool Aero-500 Window Black
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